​The impact of COVID-19 is felt by all businesses, large and small. The US Chamber recently conducted a Small Business impact poll and the results are in:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Coronavirus Impact Poll 2020
“Last month, 12% of small businesses reported transitioning some or all of their employees to teleworking, while 10% had begun transitioning the retail aspect of their business to be more virtual or digital. This month these trends grew more pronounced with one in five (20%) small businesses saying they have transitioned employees to teleworking and 17% reporting they have transitioned their retail presence to be more virtual or digital.” -US Chamber Poll

​”Small businesses said they are primarily concerned about lack of profitability due to decreased customers (54%), protecting the health of their employees (36%), and that a resurgence of the virus will force their business to shut down again (34%). They are also concerned with reopening including challenges with implementing social distancing (28%) or additional health requirements (16%).” -US Chamber Poll
“Sentiments toward the national economy remain statistically unchanged from last month (21% believe it is in good health versus 25% last month). However, it is worth noting that the number of businesses saying the U.S. economy is in “very good” health has declined (to 6% from 12% last month), while the number saying the national economy is “very poor” has risen (to 29% from 18%).” -US Chamber Poll

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