Kim Kardashian

Did you know #KimKardashian is one of the hottest “Keywords” as of this morning in the American Market? 

Using trending Keywords on your website, blog, social media platform and hotlinks will greatly impact your SEO Ranking on Google.

When your SEO Rank is high you will find your information at the top of Google Search.

Why is that important?

Let me show you an example:

If I search for “Best Realtor In Knoxville TN” on Google, my current results from the Knoxville area populate like this (Keep in mind, I hid my location so the results wouldn’t be in my proximity and change my results).

This is why Keywords are so important. 

So how do you figure out what keywords to use?

One option is using a free program called Google Trends:

I hope this information helps you today! Good luck online 🙂

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