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I want to take a minute and talk about something that I came across on the wonderful world of Facebook the other day. While scrolling through my newsfeed I stumbled upon a sponsored ad “Now Hiring Contact Tracers”.

My first thought….

​What the heck is a Contact Tracer??? 

So curiosity hit and I clicked on the link (I honestly couldn’t help it).

By definition a Contact Tracer is someone who performs contact tracing which is part of the process of supporting patients and warning contacts of exposure in order to stop chains of transmission. Also known as a Case Investigator, Containment Advisor or Public Health Investigator. 

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Now according to the CDC the definition is a little different:

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The ad even pointed you towards a link to take a free online course from John Hopkins University in order to apply as a Contact Tracer.

​So…..I may have went ahead and took the course….I really just wanted to see what it was all about.


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After completing the course, I wanted to do a little more research….

Basically as a Contact Tracer you will be calling patients that are currently diagnosed with COVID-19 and asking them questions like….

  • Have you been in close contact with anyone over the last 2 weeks?
  • Who have you been in close contact with? (Name, Phone Number and Address)
  • When did you start feeling sick?

You get the point.


Once you gather as much information as possible that information goes into a database for other Contact Tracers to call and ask questions like….

  • Have you been feeling ok?
  • Have you notices any temperature changes? 
  • and so on…..

The point of contact tracing is to make sure people who have been sick are staying home and people who have been around sick people, are informed. 

In the 1980’s Contact Tracing was a program implemented by the CDC to help slow the spread of HIV. HIV contact tracing, also sometimes called HIV partner notification, is the practice of identifying, locating and informing someone that a partner has been diagnosed with HIV.


​I also found out during my research that several states are now searching for COVID-19 Contact Tracers and not just that…

They are paying people upwards of $45.00/Hour to make these phone calls!!


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Overall in order to snatch up one of these high paying gigs you need to make sure you can handle that position. Remember you will be telling people they could possibly have COVID-19 and you’ll be calling diagnosed patients and begging for contacts. 

This job would probably be best for an empathetic listener with strong organizational skills.  


Now regardless of how you feel about COVID-19 or your political views, I know many of our clients are looking for remote jobs. I hope this helps someone!

Stay safe out there!

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