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Meet Model Angelina Brower


Photographer: Ashlyn Nicole IG: @ashlynnicolephoto
What are your goals?

Ultimately, I’d like to be a successful Film & Television Actress. I went to school for Music, so I’d eventually like to get back into that too and record my own EP in the next few years. With that being said, I love modeling. It allows me to be creative on camera in a way that acting doesn’t and I think I’ll always enjoy doing it. I’d like to get more into E-Comm & Beauty ads when I get new representation.

​What/who inspires you?

Oh, everything! Everyone. I love following different models, actresses, agencies, and photographers from all over the world on Instagram. I love looking on Pinterest to create mood boards for shoots. Social media is really great for seeking inspiration, but I also find it incredibly motivational. As far as models go, I absolutely love Bella & Gigi Hadid. I also love to travel and tend to people watch. I found my favorite pair of Ray Bans that way!

Dream location?

Honestly, I’m already living in it; Los Angeles! I love living here. I grew up in St. Petersburg, FL and moved to Oklahoma City, OK for college. I moved out here on a gap year, nearly three years ago and never went back. I’ve traveled a lot and will continue to do so, but I can’t see myself living anywhere else. Naturally, that may change if I book work elsewhere, but LA is definitely the place for me. I love going to sleep and knowing that tomorrow might look nothing like you expected. Tomorrow might be the day you get that audition or casting that could change your life. Tomorrow might be the day you get confirmation that you booked that job. It’s a very exciting place to live.


Photographer: Alex Chik IG: @alexchik_
What did you want to be as a child?

An Actress & Musician. Although I sing a lot less than I did as a kid, this still rings true. I’ve known I wanted to be a Film & Television actress since I was LITTLE. My Grandmother and I used to have these weekend movie marathons and we’d watch all of these old Black & White movies… I always knew that I wanted to do the same thing when I got older.

How long have you been modeling?

Three years now! I started modeling a little bit when I was in college and when I moved out to Los Angeles I started seriously building my portfolio. A year later I signed with a modeling development agency and completely built my website and portfolio up. That contract ended in April during the Covid-19 Lockdown, so I’m looking for new modeling representation now.

What is your focus/genre?

When I first started, I was really just doing Lifestyle modeling. Then I started getting more into Fashion and Beauty and pushed myself to get more creative- with my wardrobe, (if there’s no stylist) makeup, poses, etc. I’ve been published a couple of times.

I like doing E-Commerce and Lifestyle shoots, they’re the bread and butter as my Dad would say. But I REALLY enjoy how much freedom and creativity goes into Fashion and Editorial work. You just get to play and get a little weird. Sometimes the poses that feel the weirdest in your body look the best on camera!


Photographer: Jessy IG: @jessyinbr
​What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?

Well, I just booked San Diego Fashion Week! I got the email last week. I also just started working as a paid broadcaster for this app called Likee, too. Before Covid-19, this year was going really great! I booked and shot a spec for Dollar Shave Club, worked WWD Magic in Vegas modeling for a clothing company, and booked my first feature film set to start filming at the end of the year! But even with all of that, I think my greatest accomplishment so far, was having the strength to listen to my heart and walk away from my schooling. I left Oklahoma City University 30 credits short of my degree, but I’ve never once regretted my decision. I’m applying to transfer to Cal State to finish my BA, but it’s a no rush thing for me. I know what I want to do, the piece of paper would just make my family happy.

Funniest Situation you’ve ever been in?

Hmm, what a good question! I’m not sure! Career wise, I always try to laugh and have fun on set. I think having a positive mindset and a good attitude always makes the day go by quicker and makes it entirely more enjoyable.

I got cast as the “cankle” girl on Euphoria. That was funny. I don’t even really have cankles, so I’m not sure if they even included the shot in the montage as planned, but if they did there’s a shot of my “cankles” on Euphoria!

What about your style makes you so unique?

I love to thrift! Maybe that’s not so unique now, but most of the shoots I’ve styled myself have been with really cool, vintage, thrifted pieces. I also kinda feel like my style changes with the day. Sometimes I’m really feminine, sometimes sporty, some days I like to just be cute & comfortable, and still others I like to be very “it” girl with my style. No matter what though, I really do like to play into 70’s fashion. I think I may get that from my Grandmother. I like to make her proud with my wardrobe choices.

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