Jackson Rhodes

Get to know our Cover Model from July, Jackson Rhodes!

July 2020 Cover Model Jackson Rhodes


Photographer: Anthony Romano @412ink MUA: Zack Lankford @zacklankford

What are your goals?

My life is multi-dimensional, so my goals are as well. Having multiple avenues to work on is refreshing, rewarding, and keeps life interesting.

Most importantly, finding the right home in NYC/LA is the next step. Being versatile in both markets is important, as you follow the opportunity in this industry, not the other way around. Reaching the higher end of the fashion industry and being a recognizable name is important to me.

Secondly, continuing to expand my social media platform. With over 30K in followers over several platforms, the key is to keep creating fantastic content on my fitness, nutrition, fashion, and personality. People love to see the real person!

Third, expanding my personal training offerings, so clients and interested individuals have more options, IP, and materials to choose from. Always stay hustling!

What/who inspires you?

I draw inspiration from many figures in different fields and areas of life. The key among everyone is success.

A short list includes Chipper Jones, Tom Brady, Christian Hogue, Tyler James, Sean O’Pry, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerburg, Warren Buffett, etc.

I pull successful traits from successful people and learn why and how they contribute to their success.


Photographer: Anthony Romano @412ink MUA: Zack Lankford @zacklankford

Dream location?

Malibu, the Cayman Islands, Turks & Caicos, etc.

You get the vibe! An island location with ease of access to the major markets.

I love a good mix between the stressful and stress-free life.

What did you want to be as a child?

I wanted to be a professional sports player, specifically baseball. An MLB player was my absolute dream.

Who wouldn’t love to play in front of millions of people and play a game that you loved for a living?

I reached as far as college ball before my dream ended.

Nashville Film Institute
Producer – Liam Miles
​Director – Micah Longoria
How long have you been modeling?

Since early 2020. I ramped up recently with signing with Tribe, a nationally-recognized mother agency with thousands of connections around the US and the globe.

I have unofficially modeled for years, including for my college, but decided that now is the right time to expand professionally.

What is your focus/genre?

Nowadays, you have to be versatile.

With that being said, high end fashion is my focus. With NYC/LA in my eyesight, fashion is the obvious draw!

However, commercial, fitness, and promotional shoots are fun, engaging, eventful. Having a good mix is imperative on your way to making a name for yourself.

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?

Within the entertainment sphere, my “firsts” are always memorable. The first cover, the first extra, the first commercial, the first short film, etc. Those are definitely memories I will have for a long time.

The journey is the destination within all facets of life, so the greatest accomplishment within this career is always yet to come.

In greater life, holding steady with a life partner and winning four championships (and four rings!) with my college teammates are definitely highlight-able memories.


Photographer: Eric Henderson

Funniest Situation you’ve ever been in?

In college, my teammates and I were hosting a recruit for an unofficial visit. Apparently, he was trying really hard to impress us, as he kept saying he got drafted by the Dodgers in the 52nd round. Keep in mind, this was months before draft day and the 52nd round does not even exist! We laughed about it for a while and wondered why he’d lie about something so unimportant.

What about your style makes you so unique?

I live my life in my own way, and my style reflects that. In general, I am a huge believer that your own uniqueness is what differentiates one from another.

How does that relate to modeling?

I wear every style and brand in my daily life so am comfortable in any type of shoot. With comfort comes the knowledge of how to wear the fit and work the angles the optimal way. Whether it is fashion, commercial, fitness, active wear, promotional, etc., I have worn it myself around town!


Photographer: Marit Kundar @maritkundarphotography

​Working with Jackson on our July Cover was inspiring. He has so much drive and determination as a model and we know he has big things coming his way. Jackson aspires to sign with an agency like Ford, Wilhelmina, LA Models or IMG. He plans on being at the Model and Talent Expo in Dallas this November.

If you’re looking for talent, connect with Jackson!

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