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Photography by Michael La Bomme @thebomme_photography
Monique is signed with ​Wild Models Talent Agency & Brandy Brown Model Management.
What are your goals?

I strive to be an inspiration for all individuals, regardless of age, ethnicity, disability, etc, the world is yours to conquer. I strongly believe that every child should have the chance to see someone like them achieving all kinds of things. Everyone should grow up believing they can accomplish absolutely anything.

What/who inspires you?

I am inspired by models such as Winnie Harlow, Chelsea Werner, and Jillian Mercado. As a model fighting a chronic medical condition, I’ve watched these models redefine beauty standards and strive to join them.

Dream location?

I love nature based shoots whether it be a beach, the mountains, a desert etc. I love the amount of creativity that can come from nature alone.


Photography by Michael La Bomme @thebomme_photography
What did you want to be as a child?

As a child I wanted to be a model, an astronaut, a scientist, a fashion designer, a chef and so many others. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science, I have a small company baking cupcakes and sweets for family/friend parties, and now I’m living my dream of modeling.

How long have you been modeling?

I started modeling as a teenager with my dad, a freelance photographer. I began modeling professionally about two years ago.

What is your focus/genre?

My main focus is print and commercial modeling. I especially love glamour/beauty shots. Anything that allows me to bring a character to life and “play pretend”.


MUAH Michael Vincent Makeup Academy Photographer Jimmy Romano @jimmy_canon
What about your style makes you so unique?

I think the confidence I show when flaunting my medical devices and medical alert service dog definitely add to my style. Everyone looks when your biggest accessory is a 60lb black Labrador. Aside from that I’m not crazy about labels. I could mix $600 shoes with a $5 dress. It’s all about how you feel when wearing your outfit and letting that confidence shine through.

Photography by Michael La Bomme @thebomme_photography
What would you say is your greatest accomplishment?

So far my greatest accomplishment has been a few photo shoots showcasing my type 1 diabetes. As stated before I want to help redefine beauty standards and inspire others to fight for their dreams regardless of life’s obstacles. Showing the diversity within the diabetic community and spreading awareness of a heavily stereotyped condition is one of my life missions.
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