School Dilemma


Whether or not you believe COVID-19 is real…

Regardless of the Political party you affiliate with…

Even if you are an Anti-Masker or Pro-Mask…

We have to come to common ground when it comes to public education in America or we will never get past this.


​Public school is going to look a lot like what we least expect, mainly because we have no idea what it will really look like. The school districts are coming up with a game plan and that by the way is no easy feat. They are dealing with something, something they never thought they would have to deal with. 

The guidelines are long and detailed, children will be required to wear a mask, temperature checks will be a normal part of their day, social distancing is going to be a big part of it and team sports will probably be taking the bench this school year.

​Teachers are upset, they feel like their words are falling on deaf ears, they don’t have the resources to implement these guidelines and they have no idea what the classroom will look like once the children arrive.

Parents are arguing with friends and family about virtual school vs public school, they really don’t know what to tell their kids and honestly at this moment, don’t know what to do.


​Kids going to Kindergarten will not know what school once was, 6th graders can’t understand why they won’t be able to play with their friends and High school teens just want to have the real experience that comes with their transition to College.

All of the frustration between the districts, teachers, parents and kids doesn’t seem to be changing. In fact it almost seems the closer to mid-August we get, the worse it all becomes for everyone.

Everyone is going to have their own opinions about what should be done and guess what?!? That is OK! We are all learning and adapting to the changes and trust me NO one really knows what to do or how to handle this situation.


​For me personally, I’ve decided virtual school will be best for our family. I just don’t want my kids going to school wearing a mask all day. I would rather give the educators a few more months to adapt or open up. So sitting on the sidelines for a little bit, in my opinion is what we feel is necessary. Once the COVID-19 numbers come down and the schools go back to what was once “normal”, then we will head right back. 
​All we can do at this point is remember at the end of the day, you are the parent and even know no one has the “right” answer, as parents we can only do what we feel is going to be the best for our kids. So stop judging each other for the difficult choices that we as parents have to make and remember the kids are watching how you react right now. Make sure your actions reflect an image you can be proud of.

We are all in this together is not just a slogan it’s the honest truth and it’s a scary time.

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