Retail Life During COVID-19

​Melissa Noe had the opportunity to virtually chat with an employee of Cellular Sales in Knoxville, TN. We wanted to get a little insight as to what an Essential Employee might be going through during the Pandemic. 

​Ken Middleton a Wireless Account Executive for Cellular Sales has worked in the retail industry for several years now, so he has a pretty good idea about what his clients are looking for and how to help them during these uncertain times.
​The retail industry has become a big part of the “Essential Employee” list across the United States, due to the fact that they provide services we need in order to continue functioning as a society. This list includes medical professionals, automotive repair facilities, grocery store workers, cellular services, among many others.
Ken and his teammates are helping keep people connected during the Pandemic – training clients on how to use video chat options, connecting them through video conferencing on their devices and even ensuring they have a smooth purchase to pick-up experience.

​They are doing everything in their power to keep clients informed and connected!


​Cellular Sales is offering their clients an easy way to buy online and even have their products picked up at the store with less contact to allow for more social distancing.
​If you’re interested in finding out about all of the products and services available at Cellular Sales you can call, email or just stop by!
The Knoxville area has several locations to visit and 40 locations throughout Tennessee. You can find a location closest to you online at
​Ken stated that the company he works for has implemented several safety precautions to ensure their guests and employees stay safe and healthy during this time. Don’t forget your mask when you visit!
​Check out our interview below!
​Stay safe everyone!

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