With all of the uncertainty in the world right now, this is the time to be prepared. You should always have a plan to protect your family and loved ones if it were to “really hit the fan”.

We are watching it all over the news, social media and even in suburban neighborhoods- people are now more than ever fighting with each other, to the death in some cases.

​So now is the time to stay alert and always be prepared.


We have prepared the TOP 5 ways to help you prepare for the worst!


1. Make A Plan


Photo by C&M Captured
Get together with your family and make a plan. Do you know how to get out of your home the safest way possible if there was a fire? Do you have a location to meet up if your family ever gets separated? Do you have a distress word to use in the event of an emergency, when you can’t say what you need to? These are things you need to start thinking about. You should always have a plan.

2. Gather Supplies


If something happens tomorrow morning would you have enough food and water to supply your family for a week, a month or even a season? Do you have a bugout bag for each family member? What about medical supplies….Start gathering these items now, you can never have too much when it comes to surviving the worst possible case scenario. 

3. Gasoline


This is a big one, especially if something happens and you have to take an unexpected roadtrip. Do you have enough gas to get from your home to another state or even cross a boarder if you had too? You can’t just keep a full tank in your car, you should have a safe place to store gas cans.

4. Communication 


What if the cell towers crash? Bye-bye smartphones! Time to stock up on walkie talkies, radios and anything else you can use to get in touch with your family. I’d even say writing supplies….you just never know.

5. Don’t Get lost


Going back to having a plan, gathering supplies and having issues with normal communication….What if you had no Waze or Google Maps to help you along your way? Every household should have a local map and at least a few local maps of nearby areas and towns. Trust me you don’t want to get lost and running out of gas trying to meet up with your loved ones. Make sure you have local trail maps as well, if you get caught without a vehicle you will need to have a plan for your hike.

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