Most parent across America and even the world right now, are struggling with finding a perfect balance between virtual school, work and family time.

So how can we survive this learning curve in the most effective way all while ensuring our children are getting a quality education?

There are a few things you should stop what you’re doing right now to teach your child, trust me your teachers will thank you for it and it will take some stress off of your children’s shoulders. After all knowledge is power!

1. Google Is Your Friend

One of the most convenient programs that the teachers and staff have to effectively receive and grade work is through Google. I know it sounds crazy, right? Nope not at all! Spend sometime teaching your child how to use the Google Document Platform. If you don’t know what that is, it works just like Microsoft office only it’s all web-based and any assignments or projects can be shared with a link. The Google Platform is completely free so it wont cost anything to sit down with your child and show them how it works.

2. Sending Attachments

With virtual school being some families only option, you can’t just turn in your math homework to the teacher anymore. You have to be able to upload & download attachments, though email or school specific programs, make sure your child understands how to send an attachment.

3. Chat Services


While some schools have decided to use programs such as Skype, Zoom or even Teams – all of these programs work just like the others. If your child can send text messages they should be just fine, but if they are younger I would take some time to teach them how to create a new chat with their teacher or how to locate information within a chat service. This will save everyone from becoming too frustrated. 

4. Schedule Breaks


Stay on top of your child’s schedule, make sure you know what classes they are going to and how long they last. This will help you organize your day while working from home, maybe even schedule your work day breaks around the same time so you can check on them through out the day.

5. Don’t Sit Still


If you get an hour lunch break and so does your child, take 25 minutes and go for a walk, jump on your trampoline or even ride your bike. Movement is key, kids need to be active and so do you. Make sure your household doesn’t get too comfortable with slippers and a bathrobe. 


  1. Katie James says:

    Being a school teacher myself…THANK YOU! This would be so helpful if the kids understood how to use some of this technology. Great article!


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