Some of the most famous models, brands and entertainers come from New York. You have seen them on the catwalk in Fashion Week to the beauty counter at your nearest Ulta. So what makes NYC such a fashion hub? Well, that is a great question and I’ll show you!


​New York Fashion Week (NYFW), held in February and September of each year, is a semi-annual series of events when international fashion collections are shown to buyers, the press, and the general public. This means designers, beauty brands and models come from all over the world to introduce their products in NYFW.


​The Beauty Experience is a convention hosted in New York City it’s America’s biggest professional-only beauty show brings with it an elaborate range of beauty and salon products that includes everything from skin-care to nail-care to hair-care products to those related to personal hygiene. Salon Owners, Stylist, Models, Makeup Artist and Industry friends flock to this even every year to discover the latest trends and styles for the coming season.


​Emerging designers are proof that New York is more integral to fashion design than ever. Indeed the city is also a hub for the best in beauty and style. Rather than founding their own labels fresh out of school, many of these designers have honed their talent at established brands before starting out on their own. Contemporary fashion in New York City is alive and well because of these rising stars.


New York City isn’t just fashionable but it’s also home to over 300 beauty brands and eCommerce beauty stores. That makes NYC even more relatable in the beauty biz, most of the beauty products you already purchase on a regular basis are mostly headquartered in NYC.
Overall, NYC has a little bit of everything! If you’re planning on taking a vacation to the Fashion Hub of the World sometime soon you should check out The TOP 5 Attractions to Visit!

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